Working Together as One

Furniture First is a family of independent full-line home furnishings retailers across the United States that have a strong community reputation as well as a good credit rating. Since 1994 the Buying Group has grown to 228 stockholder-members, representing 518 furniture stores in 47 states, reporting over $2 billion in sales. We are geographically exclusive by representation. Furniture First has showrooms in both Las Vegas and High Point Markets and display some of the best selling merchandise from our supplier partners, as well as, information from our 40 plus service suppliers. Furniture First’s in-house experts are available at markets to help the members grow their profitability.

Services offered by Furniture First National Buying Group

Services offered by Furniture First include: The Weekly Confidential Newsletter, monthly consumer newsletter service, social media strategy consultations, digital/internet marketing, website service, e-mail hosting, sales premiums, pass-code protected Member website, retailer bulletin board, credit card processing, primary and secondary consumer financing, kiosks, recruiting, servicing software, on-line and in-person training, leasing, protection plans, employment tests, cash raising sale events, store planning, warehouse consulting, management consulting, light bulbs, fixtures, signage, human resource services, computer operating system and a freight program. Members network and learn from each other at market meetings, symposiums, committee meetings and our on-line pass code protected website housing our member to member bulletin board.

In addition, Furniture First’s merchandising programs offer members rebates, discounts, exclusive merchandise and private labels, which help them improve margins and stand out from the competition in their local markets. For more information visit the “Want More Info?” link.

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